Monday, August 01, 2005

I like when they're a-pickin' and a-grinnin'...

I feel really "off" today. I think I might be stressed out about my mom's doctor's appointment. She's been in a lot of pain for a while now and her regular doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong so they sent her to a specialist. I don't really think there's anything seriously wrong with her because they've already done tests for all the big stuff it could be and she didn't have those. I'll probably be freaked out until she calls me and tells me what they said, though.

Hmmm...what did I do this weekend?

I signed up on a bunch of blog traffic generators yesterday. I have no idea why I feel it's important for more people to read my thoughts on nonsense but apparently I do.

I watched another episode of Hee Haw from Netflix. I love Hee Haw. It cracks me up. I'm totally bummed because Netflix only has one more available. I suppose I could just buy them but I don't love it that much.

Wow. It's sad that bloghopping and Hee Haw were pretty much the highlights of my weekend. I've really got to plan my activities better.

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