Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Is it too early for dessert?...

The banana pudding at Lucille's (1/25) is so incredibly good. It's totally going onto my top three desserts list. Now there's the Chocolate Chip Calzone (I don't really know what it is except for there are a lot of gooey chocolate chips involved) from Claim Jumper, the Stairway to Heaven (Belgian waffles French toast style with ice cream and caramel) at the Kahuna Grill and now the banana pudding at Lucille's. Lucille's banana pudding just narrowly by the smidgiest, tiniest margin beat out Cozymel's banana pudding based only on presentation. At Lucille's they bring it out in this little canning jar. Very cute. If it was based on taste, they'd totally tie.

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