Friday, May 26, 2006

Maybe my favorite Bellagio display ever...

Model trains! And trolleys! And little miniature Bellagios and Smithsonians and farms and bridges and tunnels and hot air balloons! And kites! They even have a little miniature nursery rhyme village with the three pigs and the little kittens who lost their mittens and the old woman who lived in a shoe! Awesome.

How does he do that?...

This guy was on So You Think You Can Dance last night. I thought he was pretty amazing.


I'm not ashamed to admit it...

What with Lost, AI, House, So You Think You Can Dance and Clay’s new haircut I never got around to posting about last Sunday.

I went to the all-day free concert down at the Fremont Street Experience. It was quite a mixed crowd. The concert was teamed up with a Harley Davidson motorcycle ride for charity. So there were a lot of motorcycle people that looked like they stepped right out of “Mask”. No Sam Elliott look- alike as far as I could see, though. Darn. They got to stand in their own little gated off section and there was lots of dancing going on in there. They seemed to be drinking a lot but never acted drunk. I can't say that for everybody, though.

You know that family in low-budget horror movies that live in the rundown cabin in the woods? The family that is always drunk and over-sexed due to years of in-breeding and possibly some nuclear waste exposure from the illegal dumping in the creek out back? I stood next to that family for about three hours. One woman sprawled on a beach chair surrounded by garbage. I’m not just talking a couple of wrappers. I’m talking hours worth of garbage. Another woman decided it was a good idea to pull her tshirt up under her breasts even though her breasts were reaaaally saggy and her stomach was reaaaally flabby. That woman’s closest companions were a supremely drunk girl in a bandeau top who kept flashing her boobs at the stage and another supremely drunk girl who was inexplicably wearing a long-sleeved thermal Old Navy shirt even though it was like 85 degrees out. Old Navy girl spent most of her time dancing with/molesting the men around her. One of those men decided to pour alcohol all over some other woman’s chest and lick it up. This was all in a crowd of people, mind you. Including lots of little kids. Lovely.

During Muzik Mafia I stood next to a couple who were very fond of the “sexy” dancing. They were both like 5 feet tall and the guy was in the front rubbing his butt up and down the girl. Which I thought was odd. I’m no dance expert but I think it’s supposed to be the other way around. He kept hitting me with his flailing little arms.

The concert itself was pretty decent. Montgomery Gentry, Big and Rich, Dierks Bentley, Trick Pony, Gretchen Wilson, Muzik Mafia, Buddy Jewell, Rocky Lynn, Little Big Town, Brian McOmas, Emerson Drive and some other people I don’t remember performed. The sound wasn’t all that great and it was a lot of standing, though. Plus, they were handing out free Berries & Cream Dr Pepper and everyone was pouring them on the concrete so the ground was super-sticky.

We got tired at one point so we skipped out for a few hours and saw Mission Impossible 3. Some woman talked on her cellphone the whole movie. And there were only like 20 people in the theater and this family still decided to sit right next to me. They didn’t even leave an empty chair between us. What’s up with that? I moved. I hate going to the movies. I’d much rather just NetFlix it later and watch it at home. The movie was good, though. I love Tom Cruise.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Things I learned today...

If you throw a free country music concert really trashy drunk people will show up.

Using night flash and the highest level zoom in a crowd of really trashy drunk people makes for really blurry pictures.

Even if there are only 20 people in a movie theater, the annoying rude ones will sit right next to me.

In and Out Double Doubles taste better after midnight.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Some thoughts and stuff and whatnot...

What's with tv shows killing off characters this year? At least six of my shows have killed a character off. And a couple of them were characters that I really liked. I admit, it makes for good television but...c''s one thing to kill people off of a big ensemble like Lost but there were only three main characters on Ghost Whisperer. Did one of them have to get squashed by a falling airplane? With Andrea gone, who's going to work in the store while Love runs around yakking it up with the spirit world?

Speaking of death: The Death Psychic
(Warning: no one dies a peaceful death according to this site.)

Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally) sang "Unforgettable" on the Will and Grace finale and I thought it was so lovely that I teared up a little.

There used to be a YouTube video here but it was pulled by the Man. Damn the Man.

If you go here and click on video library you can watch clips from all the seasons of SNL. It's pretty cool. And, for the moment anyway, there's a really cute picture of Kevin Spacey!

I've seen this linked a couple of places. At first I didn't get what all the fuss was about. Then I thought it was sort of cute. Then the guy busted out some Vanilla Ice moves and I was hooked.


Sunday I'm going to an all-day boot-stompin' party down at the Fremont Street Experience. It's motorcycles and Montgomery Gentry and Two Foot Fred and Big and Rich and maybe even Keith Urban! For free! Cool.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show but...

Man, Izzie Stevens is irritating. Seriously. I just spent three hours yelling at the tv because Izzie Stevens is so irritating.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Blah blah...I'm boring....

Hmmm....what have I been up to lately.

I swapped chairs at work. The chairs the regular folk get at work aren't all that comfy so I was using a big leather chair that an ex-co-worker had taken from the lawyer but she didn't like it so I swapped the chair that I had taken from a moving architect's assistant. But I was bored with the lawyer's chair so I took a chair that a supervisor didn't like and gave my chair to another person. Then I realized that I hated the chair that the supervisor didn't like. It didn't adjust and it tilted forward and it made my back hurt. The person I gave my leather chair to loved it, though, so I couldn't get it back. So I just gave up with the office hand-me-downs and brought my own chair from home. I work on the second floor and there's no elevators so I had to carry the chair up a flight of stairs. I guess I could have had some guy do it for me but...a) I didn't want to have to answer questions on why I was bringing my own chair to work and b) I don't need a man to carry things for me. But, actually, I kind of do because I just about had a heart attack. Seriously. I'm pretty sure that I just about had a heart attack. I didn't, though. And the chair is super cool.

You'd think that wouldn't be the most interesting story I could come up with but it sort of is. I've mostly just been watching tv and movies. My life is dull dull dull lately. But Sunday I'm supposed to go to Red Rock Canyon, a new casino, the Bellagio and the Ghiradelli chocolate factory for ice cream sundaes on Mother's Day. That'll be fun. Then there's the Survivor finale. Go, Terry.