Friday, May 12, 2006

Blah blah...I'm boring....

Hmmm....what have I been up to lately.

I swapped chairs at work. The chairs the regular folk get at work aren't all that comfy so I was using a big leather chair that an ex-co-worker had taken from the lawyer but she didn't like it so I swapped the chair that I had taken from a moving architect's assistant. But I was bored with the lawyer's chair so I took a chair that a supervisor didn't like and gave my chair to another person. Then I realized that I hated the chair that the supervisor didn't like. It didn't adjust and it tilted forward and it made my back hurt. The person I gave my leather chair to loved it, though, so I couldn't get it back. So I just gave up with the office hand-me-downs and brought my own chair from home. I work on the second floor and there's no elevators so I had to carry the chair up a flight of stairs. I guess I could have had some guy do it for me but...a) I didn't want to have to answer questions on why I was bringing my own chair to work and b) I don't need a man to carry things for me. But, actually, I kind of do because I just about had a heart attack. Seriously. I'm pretty sure that I just about had a heart attack. I didn't, though. And the chair is super cool.

You'd think that wouldn't be the most interesting story I could come up with but it sort of is. I've mostly just been watching tv and movies. My life is dull dull dull lately. But Sunday I'm supposed to go to Red Rock Canyon, a new casino, the Bellagio and the Ghiradelli chocolate factory for ice cream sundaes on Mother's Day. That'll be fun. Then there's the Survivor finale. Go, Terry.

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