Saturday, April 29, 2006

Stupid cheerleaders...

I just cried watching the Cheerleader Nation finale. Seriously. I didn't just get a little misty-eyed, actual tears came down my face. That's so lame.

I couldn't help it. Megan landed her full and she'd been working so hard all year and Ryan didn't even feel her ankle and Katie did that punch front thing and no one fell on their stunts and it was perfect and cute Coach Saleem was all "YEAH! YEAH!" and punching the sky and all the girls were screaming and jumping and bawling and then they won!

I'm not made of stone, you know.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I love You Tube so much...

I discovered that You Tube has my two favorite cartoons: Tex Avery's "House of Tomorrow" and Chuck Jones' "The Dot and the Line". I couldn't get enough of these when I was a kid. I've been wanting to see them again forever and there they were. Awesome.

House of Tomorrow

The Dot and The Line

I'm going to have to look around over there some more tomorrow and see what else I can dig up. I know they have a bunch of Sesame Street stuff thanks to this guy. I never get sick of Sesame Street.

Speaking of...I rented The Best of the Electric Company from netflix. Man, was that show 70s! When I watched it in the 70s it didn't seem so 70s but now it seems craaaazy 70s. It also wasn't nearly as fun to watch again as I thought it would be. Sort of a disappointment. The theme song still rocks, though.

Sunday, April 23, 2006's a secret...

I went to the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage today. It's $15 and there's no local discount (boo!) but there are dolphins and lions and tigers and whatnot. It's really pretty, too. Lots of greenery and jungle sounds playing and places to sit and just watch the cats act crazy or sleep. Mostly sleep. There aren't any dolphin "shows" but there are trainers and they show the dolphin "behaviors" like jumping and waving their tales and generally being cute and stuff. I watched a bunch of people who apparently paid $500 a piece to be dolphin trainers for the day. That looked like fun. I'm not sure if it was $500 worth of fun but if you were spending a vacation day in Las Vegas you'd probably drop $500 on shopping and eating and gambling anyway.

I took pictures, of course.

The cats were pretty lazy.

The dolphins were really playful, though.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I don't really like celebrity gossip but...

Wow. Either Charlie is a big creep or Denise is a big liar. I've always liked him and I've never liked her so I'm leaning toward her being a big liar. But his history certainly leaves the door open for him being a big creep. Either way, the tabloids are going to have fun for a while.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Who I want to win...

American Idol : Taylor
Amazing Race : BJ & Tyler (the hippies)
America's Next Top Model : Joanie
Survivor : Terry

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm just going to Jack next time...

So we go to McDonald's this morning. We pull up to the drive-thru speaker and order two sausage egg mcmuffins and two extra large iced teas. The drive-thru speaker repeats two sausage egg mcmuffins and two diet. We say "No. Two extra large iced teas." The speaker pauses a moment and then tells us to go to the second window.

So we get to the second window and the clearly non-English-speaking-so-let's-give-her-the-customer-service-job woman asks "sausage egg mcmuffin and iced tea?" We say yes and pay. We then realize that she didn't say two. So, when the window slides back open, we repeat that we wanted two sausage egg mcmuffins and two iced teas.

Well, she can't begin to fathom this. First she has us repeat ourselves. Then she looks at us confused. Then she closes the window and goes to talk to someone. When she comes back she has a little cup and says "hot tea?" What the...?!! Where did hot tea come from? Nothing was said that even resembled the word hot. Then she had the nerve to looked annoyed with us when we didn't want the hot tea.

Finally, after we repeated it like three times veeeerrrry slooowwwwlly, she figured out the concept of the word "two" and we paid again and she brought our food and we said thank you and left.

Why do fast food places always put people who don't speak English on the window? There are people in there who speak English. The old people speak English. The teenagers speak English. Can't they work the window? Most people go through the fast food drive-thru because they are in a hurry. So it would be helpful if the person helping them could actually understand them. That's all I'm saying.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wanna' sandwich? It's only $148...

What is is claimed to be the world's most expensive sandwich goes on display at Selfridges Department Store in London, Monday April 10, 2006. Named the McDonald Sandwich, after it's creator, chef Scott McDonald, the ingredients are Wagyu beef, fresh lobe foie gras, black truffle mayonnaise, brie de meaux, rocket, red pepper and mustard confit, and English plum tomatoes, all packed into 24-hour fermented sour dough bread - and it sells for 85 pounds (US$ 148.33: euro 122.53) each.(AP Photo/Tom Hevezi)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I liked Crash better...

So I finally watched Brokeback Mountain. I've gotta say, I wasn't all that into it. The acting was definately good, I can't argue that. But I had heard for months about what a beautiful love story it was and I just didn't see it. I thought Jack and Ennis were a couple of losers so I didn't really care if they could or couldn't be together. I was just happy that Ennis' wife left him and married the nice supermarket guy. She was about the only person in the movie that I didn't find incredibly irritating. I guess I liked the waitress and Ennis' daughter ok. But Jack and Ennis? I couldn't stand them. And I didn't think they were romantic at all. They were just jerks.

Anyway...we can add Brokeback Mountain to the list of movies that I'm supposed to love but don't. Just this year I've also added Five Easy Pieces and March of the Penguins. I find the commercials for The Benchwarmers to be hilarious, however. I don't know what that says about my taste.

On a compeletely unrelated note, I discovered this game called Samorost 2 today. As you may have guessed, it is the sequel to Samorost 1. They're pretty cool to mess around with.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just leave a message already...

I have six missed calls on my cell phone. They're all from the same number in Charlotte, NC. The only time they left a voice mail it was just somebody breathing for like thirty seconds. What the heck is that all about? It's annoying and borderline creepy. It's not as creepy as the guy who used to call me and tell me he met my parents at a "swingers" party, though. What was the point of that? It's sort of a weird angle for an obscene phone call, isn't it?

Mojave Max came out.
It's Spring!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I should have cherished better...

For some reason I decided to surf blogs using blogexplosion this morning. That led me to a blog that was talking about how myspace had helped them find some old friends. I've been wondering about a couple of my good friends from high school so I figured I'd give it a shot. So I sign up with myspace and, like in two minutes, find both of them! Cool! It turns out that Jeff grew up to be an artist in San Francisco. Which is pretty much what I hoped he would be. And Middagh is running for President. Which doesn't surprise me at all. And they're still friends. Which is neat.

Perusing their various profiles and whatnot, it seems odd that we ever hung out. I mean, one of these things is clearly not like the other. And that thing is puppy picture posting me.

When I find it I'll post this great picture of our English teacher that Jeff drew for me in high school. He drew it in a minute and it was incredible and made me think he was some sort of genius or something. It used to be in this little cedar chest that I stored all of my cherished high school mementos in. I emptied them all out last year so I could use the chest on my coffee table for nail clippers and remote controls. Now I can't remember what I did with my cherished high school mementos. I probably put them in a Walmart sack and threw them in the back of my closet with my cherished childhood toys.

ETA: I found it. He drew it on the back of instructions on how to "load DOS and enter your own data area".

I also found a bunch of magazines from high school that I saved. Now I'm going to have spend the afternoon drowning in nostalgia.