Saturday, October 28, 2006

I even watch tv in my sleep...

I dreamed I was watching tv with my cousin Johnny, who I haven't seen in ten years, and some woman I don't know.

First we watched a commercial for a cardio wing at a hospital. The commercial starts out with a really rocking band and a bunch of dancers and then the camera starts pulling out and you start hearing less and less of the music and more and more of the bass thumping. Then the camera is focused on some guy's chest and it turns out that your heartbeat is really just the thumping bass of some crazy dance party going on in your heart.

I turned the channel (and it was an old tv so you had to sit in front of it and turn the nob) and next was David Hasselhoff Live In Concert. He was playing the piano and singing a lovely version of "Can't Help Falling in Love". My cousin Johnny didn't want to watch David Hasselhoff so we turned the channel again.

Next was some sort of sports channel which was featuring rowing I think. There was a long line of handsome young fellas in speedos wearing little shower cap-like things with tiny gold crowns on the top. They had to walk down a long flight of stairs and across a busy freeway with their rowing equipment (including their boat) before they could start the competition.

Next channel was Samantha Brown Passport to Europe. This episode was Venice, the capital of Austria. It was very green with lovely bridges but no water that I saw and a beautiful capital building that doubled as a famous restaurant called "Casa del Sol".

Then my dog woke me up.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

New TV shows I like...

Dexter: I have a crush on a serial killer. I can’t help it. The dude is smart and cute.---> And he only kills people who deserve it. That’s not so bad, right? Whatever. He’s cute. The opening credits are creepy.

Jericho: I don’t care that the critics think it’s boring and depressing. It’s a post-apocalyptic soap opera starring Skeet Ulrich. That’s good stuff.

Heroes: Profit can fly! What’s hotter than that? Do you wanna know what’s hotter? Mohinder. -----> And he doesn’t even have a superpower. His hotness is his superpower.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I’m sensing a pattern in the shows that I like but…Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are funny and I like to look at them. I also like Amanda Peet, though. And I like the teacher woman from Jericho. So I don’t only watch TV shows because I think the guys are cute. Just look at the next one.

Ugly Betty: I watch for Betty. It’s not my fault that they hired the very attractive Eric Mabius to be her boss. ----> I would like it even if he wasn’t very attractive. I probably wouldn’t like it as much but I’d still like it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just great...

I yelled at my mom in front of the cute guy with the beagle this morning. So now he's never going to marry me. Not that the chance was all that great that he was going to marry me before since he doesn't know me and I think he might be gay but now he's really not going to marry me because he thinks I'm the girl that yells at her mother. Which I am but not in a bad way. Not that he'll ever know that. And I wouldn't care so much if it were just the beagle but I saw him with this other dog and it's just as cute. Oh well...I guess a marriage based on my love of his dogs wouldn't have lasted all that long anyway.