Saturday, October 21, 2006

New TV shows I like...

Dexter: I have a crush on a serial killer. I can’t help it. The dude is smart and cute.---> And he only kills people who deserve it. That’s not so bad, right? Whatever. He’s cute. The opening credits are creepy.

Jericho: I don’t care that the critics think it’s boring and depressing. It’s a post-apocalyptic soap opera starring Skeet Ulrich. That’s good stuff.

Heroes: Profit can fly! What’s hotter than that? Do you wanna know what’s hotter? Mohinder. -----> And he doesn’t even have a superpower. His hotness is his superpower.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I’m sensing a pattern in the shows that I like but…Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are funny and I like to look at them. I also like Amanda Peet, though. And I like the teacher woman from Jericho. So I don’t only watch TV shows because I think the guys are cute. Just look at the next one.

Ugly Betty: I watch for Betty. It’s not my fault that they hired the very attractive Eric Mabius to be her boss. ----> I would like it even if he wasn’t very attractive. I probably wouldn’t like it as much but I’d still like it.

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