Sunday, December 31, 2006


There's about 300,000 people like twenty minutes away from me listening to bands and gawking at Britney & Pamela & Kid Rock and waiting for all the casinos to shoot off fireworks. I'm watching it on tv. Every time I decide to stay at home on New Year's Eve I get a little bummed that I'm not down in the thick of things. But the four times I was down in the thick of things I kind of wished I was at home. Last year I just went to bed and fast-forwarded through the festivities on the DVR to see if anyone made a fool of themselves or got arrested or something. At least this year I'm staying awake.

Only five minutes until midnight!! Yay!! Good riddance to 2006. Hopefully 2007 is the best year ever.

Friday, December 22, 2006

I think it really can read my mind...

This was supposed to be a gift for someone but it just guessed that I was thinking about a tv, nail clippers, a volcano and a lava lamp. What the heck? I figured it might get lamp but lava lamp?! It's the coolest toy ever! I'm totally keeping it for myself and playing with it until I win or go insane trying.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Replacing a rant...

I had posted a rant here about how crappy my afternoon was but, in the spirit of my New Year's Resolution to be a happier person who doesn't let work stuff annoy me, I'm replacing it with a list of a few things that I've been enjoying lately.

StumbleUpon There used to be a web browser that would send you to random sites that I loved. I can't remember the name of it but I missed it. This is actually better than that because you can tell it what kinds of websites you like to be sent to. I've found tons of games and photo sites and things that might be illegal that I never would have found on my own.

Internet Archive I've only used it for the great Old Time Radio collections but I'm planning on spending quite a bit of time snooping around the ephemeral films section soon.

RUSC and OldTimeRadioFans are also great places to download old radio shows. I'm completely obsessed with them now. I've been listening to them all day every day at work and the days are just flying by. My favorite is still the sci-fi series "X Minus One" but "The Saint" (with Vincent Price) and "Dragnet" are great, too. I'm also really enjoying all the WW2 era variety shows and the commercials. Really fun stuff.

The Lost Room I watched all six hours twice last weekend. They totally better make this into a series or at least do another miniseries because I haven't had that much fun with a tv show in a long time.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merry Holidays...

Office Christmas party today! Woohoo! There were a couple of cute magicians and a sort of lame hypnotist. The sort of lame hypnotist "hypnotised" a totally hot car wash manager who proceeded to tear off his shirt, dance like a ballerina and do some awesome kung fu fighting. There is much discussion about whether he was faking it or not but he was quite entertaining either way so yay for him. I was included in a group picture where I look positively hideous. Like truly horrifying. I stole the picture but I think there are copies so I'm sure it will be included in some sort of company scrapbook anyway. They had great prizes like Ipods and portable DVD players and a $500 Best Buy gift certicate. I won nothing. On the way out I did steal the really pretty flower arrangement from my table, however, so yay for me.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Bellagio Christmas

A couple of pictures from the Bellagio Christmas display:

This is from the candy story down the hall from the flowers. It's all edible.

I feel as if I should write more. I'm not going to though.

I don't have a title...

They’ve been doing explosives training for the past few days at the abandoned building next door to where I work. I’ve just been sitting at my desk pretending to be busy when BOOM! It’s quite distracting. Even more distracting is that I’ve been told that today’s explosions are going to be even louder than the previous explosions but, thus far, they haven’t been. So I’m just sitting here anticipating the big one. How am I supposed to concentrate on my work? I’m just saying that I shouldn’t be held responsible for today’s productivity.

I was very unhappy with last night’s Survivor episode. Jonathon? Why? He had slowly become one of my all-time favorites. I wanted a Jonathon/Yul finale. It better not get down to Parvati and Adam. I’m also not particularly excited about Becky and Sundra. Ozzy’s ok but I really want Yul to win. Please let Yul win. If Yul doesn’t win I will never watch Survivor again. (Which is, of course, a total lie because I totally will watch Survivor again even if Adam wins and then proposes to Candice on the reunion show.)

That Girl marathon on TV Land this weekend! Awesome.