Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merry Holidays...

Office Christmas party today! Woohoo! There were a couple of cute magicians and a sort of lame hypnotist. The sort of lame hypnotist "hypnotised" a totally hot car wash manager who proceeded to tear off his shirt, dance like a ballerina and do some awesome kung fu fighting. There is much discussion about whether he was faking it or not but he was quite entertaining either way so yay for him. I was included in a group picture where I look positively hideous. Like truly horrifying. I stole the picture but I think there are copies so I'm sure it will be included in some sort of company scrapbook anyway. They had great prizes like Ipods and portable DVD players and a $500 Best Buy gift certicate. I won nothing. On the way out I did steal the really pretty flower arrangement from my table, however, so yay for me.

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