Friday, December 08, 2006

I don't have a title...

They’ve been doing explosives training for the past few days at the abandoned building next door to where I work. I’ve just been sitting at my desk pretending to be busy when BOOM! It’s quite distracting. Even more distracting is that I’ve been told that today’s explosions are going to be even louder than the previous explosions but, thus far, they haven’t been. So I’m just sitting here anticipating the big one. How am I supposed to concentrate on my work? I’m just saying that I shouldn’t be held responsible for today’s productivity.

I was very unhappy with last night’s Survivor episode. Jonathon? Why? He had slowly become one of my all-time favorites. I wanted a Jonathon/Yul finale. It better not get down to Parvati and Adam. I’m also not particularly excited about Becky and Sundra. Ozzy’s ok but I really want Yul to win. Please let Yul win. If Yul doesn’t win I will never watch Survivor again. (Which is, of course, a total lie because I totally will watch Survivor again even if Adam wins and then proposes to Candice on the reunion show.)

That Girl marathon on TV Land this weekend! Awesome.

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