Saturday, April 01, 2006

I should have cherished better...

For some reason I decided to surf blogs using blogexplosion this morning. That led me to a blog that was talking about how myspace had helped them find some old friends. I've been wondering about a couple of my good friends from high school so I figured I'd give it a shot. So I sign up with myspace and, like in two minutes, find both of them! Cool! It turns out that Jeff grew up to be an artist in San Francisco. Which is pretty much what I hoped he would be. And Middagh is running for President. Which doesn't surprise me at all. And they're still friends. Which is neat.

Perusing their various profiles and whatnot, it seems odd that we ever hung out. I mean, one of these things is clearly not like the other. And that thing is puppy picture posting me.

When I find it I'll post this great picture of our English teacher that Jeff drew for me in high school. He drew it in a minute and it was incredible and made me think he was some sort of genius or something. It used to be in this little cedar chest that I stored all of my cherished high school mementos in. I emptied them all out last year so I could use the chest on my coffee table for nail clippers and remote controls. Now I can't remember what I did with my cherished high school mementos. I probably put them in a Walmart sack and threw them in the back of my closet with my cherished childhood toys.

ETA: I found it. He drew it on the back of instructions on how to "load DOS and enter your own data area".

I also found a bunch of magazines from high school that I saved. Now I'm going to have spend the afternoon drowning in nostalgia.


Jeff said...

Wow. I'm really impressed (and, yes, touched) that you kept this picture...of course I totally forgot ever drawing it, though Mr. Vasche was definitely a good subject for caricature. I can still hear him reading excerpts from The Canterbury Tales in some weird Middle English dialect.

For what it's worth, I think I still have some notes we passed back and forth in that class. I'll scan them, and send 'em your way.

Middagh will win the presidency at one point, mark my words! He's going to evolve into some kind of Ross Perot populist candidate and take the world by storm.

catherine said...

Notes, huh? I'm a little scared of what a 15 year old me had to say.

Jeff said...

I think they're a little later than senior year era. I think we were talking about the movie Blue Velvet (which you had seen and I hadn't) and complaining about people.