Friday, May 19, 2006

Some thoughts and stuff and whatnot...

What's with tv shows killing off characters this year? At least six of my shows have killed a character off. And a couple of them were characters that I really liked. I admit, it makes for good television but...c''s one thing to kill people off of a big ensemble like Lost but there were only three main characters on Ghost Whisperer. Did one of them have to get squashed by a falling airplane? With Andrea gone, who's going to work in the store while Love runs around yakking it up with the spirit world?

Speaking of death: The Death Psychic
(Warning: no one dies a peaceful death according to this site.)

Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally) sang "Unforgettable" on the Will and Grace finale and I thought it was so lovely that I teared up a little.

There used to be a YouTube video here but it was pulled by the Man. Damn the Man.

If you go here and click on video library you can watch clips from all the seasons of SNL. It's pretty cool. And, for the moment anyway, there's a really cute picture of Kevin Spacey!

I've seen this linked a couple of places. At first I didn't get what all the fuss was about. Then I thought it was sort of cute. Then the guy busted out some Vanilla Ice moves and I was hooked.


Sunday I'm going to an all-day boot-stompin' party down at the Fremont Street Experience. It's motorcycles and Montgomery Gentry and Two Foot Fred and Big and Rich and maybe even Keith Urban! For free! Cool.

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