Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm not ashamed to admit it...

What with Lost, AI, House, So You Think You Can Dance and Clay’s new haircut I never got around to posting about last Sunday.

I went to the all-day free concert down at the Fremont Street Experience. It was quite a mixed crowd. The concert was teamed up with a Harley Davidson motorcycle ride for charity. So there were a lot of motorcycle people that looked like they stepped right out of “Mask”. No Sam Elliott look- alike as far as I could see, though. Darn. They got to stand in their own little gated off section and there was lots of dancing going on in there. They seemed to be drinking a lot but never acted drunk. I can't say that for everybody, though.

You know that family in low-budget horror movies that live in the rundown cabin in the woods? The family that is always drunk and over-sexed due to years of in-breeding and possibly some nuclear waste exposure from the illegal dumping in the creek out back? I stood next to that family for about three hours. One woman sprawled on a beach chair surrounded by garbage. I’m not just talking a couple of wrappers. I’m talking hours worth of garbage. Another woman decided it was a good idea to pull her tshirt up under her breasts even though her breasts were reaaaally saggy and her stomach was reaaaally flabby. That woman’s closest companions were a supremely drunk girl in a bandeau top who kept flashing her boobs at the stage and another supremely drunk girl who was inexplicably wearing a long-sleeved thermal Old Navy shirt even though it was like 85 degrees out. Old Navy girl spent most of her time dancing with/molesting the men around her. One of those men decided to pour alcohol all over some other woman’s chest and lick it up. This was all in a crowd of people, mind you. Including lots of little kids. Lovely.

During Muzik Mafia I stood next to a couple who were very fond of the “sexy” dancing. They were both like 5 feet tall and the guy was in the front rubbing his butt up and down the girl. Which I thought was odd. I’m no dance expert but I think it’s supposed to be the other way around. He kept hitting me with his flailing little arms.

The concert itself was pretty decent. Montgomery Gentry, Big and Rich, Dierks Bentley, Trick Pony, Gretchen Wilson, Muzik Mafia, Buddy Jewell, Rocky Lynn, Little Big Town, Brian McOmas, Emerson Drive and some other people I don’t remember performed. The sound wasn’t all that great and it was a lot of standing, though. Plus, they were handing out free Berries & Cream Dr Pepper and everyone was pouring them on the concrete so the ground was super-sticky.

We got tired at one point so we skipped out for a few hours and saw Mission Impossible 3. Some woman talked on her cellphone the whole movie. And there were only like 20 people in the theater and this family still decided to sit right next to me. They didn’t even leave an empty chair between us. What’s up with that? I moved. I hate going to the movies. I’d much rather just NetFlix it later and watch it at home. The movie was good, though. I love Tom Cruise.

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