Sunday, August 07, 2005

Is it odd that I have a little crush on Bob Newhart?...

What did I do today? Hmm...I had to take a drive to some less desirable parts of town. I'm pretty sure that I passed some houses that had crack lying around inside.

I found this thing on the Bob Gentry Journal. Bob Gentry just got signed to a record deal so you might want to check him out. That way, when he becomes all rich and famous, you can say that you've been reading his journal from the very beginning and then all your friends will think you're cool.

But I digress. He had posted this (I can't get the link to work. It's a few days ago. I know that I should find it disturbing and I do but I also can't stop playing with it.

I'm one movie down on my "watch 250 movies I've never seen before" goal. "Ladder 49". It was pretty good, I guess. Sort of longish.

I'm watching the Best of Dean Martin right now and Ella Fitzgerald was on. She's so amazing. I could listen to her all day. Jonathon Winters and a young Bob Newhart are on this one, too. It's great. Ooo! Bing Crosby, too!

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