Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm never eating at "CHICK! n a go go"...

I hate radio commercials. I hate how they always have some "catchy" jingle that they play a hundred times in a row. I hate how they pretend to be regular people having a conversation. But what I really hate is when they're pretending to be regular people having a conversation but one of those people can't hear very well because they're up in a tree or down a well or something and so the other person has to repeat the name & number of the business like twenty thousand times getting progressively louder and louder until the person down the well finally gets it and then that person repeats the name & number of the business and then the other person says "Yes!" and repeats the name & number of the business again.

I swear there are some businesses that I might go to except I find their commercials so incredibly annoying that I refuse to reward them for annoying the crap out of me.

As you may have guessed, I'm not in a great mood today. The weather is all dark and muggy. I feel kind of lousy. I spent the better part of the day really wanting to say some things to some people but not wanting to get into anything so I just silently fumed and let it fester instead. Maybe that's why I feel lousy.

Oh well, a shower and some Best of Dean Martin and I'll probably be all better.

Oh! There was one fun part of my day. The Stickman Murder Mysteries are a pretty good timewaster. You know, if you've got some time to waste.


jane said...

Hmmm...can Jessica and I hazard a guess as to what's got you fuming? ;-)

catherine said...

Well, whatever it was, Dean Martin made it all better. :)