Friday, August 12, 2005

Maybe on Monday I'll bring a kazoo...

So apparently I'm awfully quiet today. Oh, no wait. I'm awfully quiet again today. I know this because someone in my office has told me so several times this week and then paused expectantly at my desk. I assume the pauses are so that I can fill her in on why I'm not being as noisy as I guess she usually finds me. You would think that the piles and piles of paperwork covering my desk might give a person a slight clue as to why I'm not having a little party over here.

I guess she's just trying to be friendly. It's irritating, though. It's the pause that's the annoying thing. Like I'm just going to bust out with some scandalously wonderful tale of woe. I'm quiet because I'm working and I don't have anything good to say.

I'm really, really happy it's Friday. Just four more hours.

OH MY GOD! The woman just asked another woman why I'm so quiet.

I really want this week to be over.

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