Monday, August 22, 2005

I want my Timothy Olyphant fix...

I tried to go out shopping yesterday. There was a nail in one of our tires so we went to Big O to get that fixed first. The Big O guys didn't write us up or anything and just said to give them the keys and they'd fix it in about ten minutes. So, like an hour later, they say our car is ready and they tell us to go out into the bay and just pay the guy who fixed it ten bucks. I'm thinking there's something all kinds of fishy going on at the Big O but the nail's gone so I don't really care.

While I was waiting, I got to watch the Skate Vert finals of the Dew Action Sports Tour Vans Invitational. It was surprisingly enjoyable. I developed a little crush on Bob Burnquist because he kept laughing whenever he fell on his butt. I decided that I want to marry a pro skateboarder and get one of those houses with the skateboard pools in the backyard. Hey, there are worse ways to spend a life.

After the fishy nail pulling, I ate lunch at "Red Robin" and I think I got food poisoning or something because I ended up really clammy and dizzy and intestinally compromised. So I just came home and I didn't get to try on Nike Shox or anything. Boo! Sucky "Red Robin". I hate it when I pay people to make me sick.

On a happier note, the "Six Feet Under" finale was great. I'm glad everyone was in a nice place at the end. I don't know why I wanted good things to happen to these characters since they're really all pretty awful but I did. So, yay. And boo hoo because it's all over.

Now bring on the next season of "Deadwood".

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