Friday, August 19, 2005

I hate the word "snarky"...

Well, number six of my 250 movies was just okay and then amazing. "Stage Beauty" stars Billy Crudup and Claire Danes. That's pretty much why I watched it. I love Billy Crudup and Claire Danes. Billy Crudup, especially. I was borderline obsessed with "Without Limits" for some time. I wasn't that into "Stage Beauty" for most of the movie. I was interested to see what happened but I didn't really care much. Then, in the last half hour or so, the Crudup and Danes characters perform the death scene from "Othello". That was incredible. It totally made up for the fact that I was kind of bored the rest of the movie.

The Big Brother 6 house is full of a bunch of sore losers that are taking the show way too seriously this year. So are the BB6 message boards. When you're talking about spitting in a contestant's face when they get out? And watching one moment over and over to see if someone cheated so that you can decide if you want to write protest letters to CBS? You might want to step back from the computer. And why would anyone constantly refer to someone named Maggie that they don't know from a tv show as Maggot. Is that funny? Oh...excuse that snarky?

Even if the message boards are mental, the show is really good this year. Go James!

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