Saturday, August 20, 2005

Another one aboot me being obsessive...

Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes & Alanis Morrissette were on "Degrassi". That makes me so happy. I love Kevin Smith & I love Degrassi and they've now merged into one big mess o'goodness. And Caitlin kissed Kevin! And Craig's off his meds and getting the crap kicked out of him in the previews for next week! And Spinner has to wear a hairnet! Even with all that good stuff, I still don't think New Degrassi is as good as Degrassi High. Degrassi High was the best. New Degrassi might be better than Degrassi Jr High, though. It's been so long since I've seen Jr High I just don't know. Jr High did have Stephanie. And Yick, right? I liked Yick.

A 34 year old American shouldn't care this much about Degrassi. I blame PBS. I also blame PBS for getting "The Bloodhound Gang" theme song stuck in my head about 25 years ago. Seriously, when's that thing going to quit rattling around my brain?

I just put Degrassi Jr High on my Netflix queue. I have 279 dvds on that queue now. I'm never going to be able to watch them all. And I can't figure out what to watch first. "Ghandi" or "Cannonball Run"? "Escape to Witch Mountain" or "Elmer Gantry"? "24" or "Columbo"? "The A-Team" or "Everwood"? And the new fall season starts next month! I'll never have time! I'll have to quit my job and sell off all my belongings on EBay to pay for cable and electricity and the monthly Netflix fee.

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jane said...

We were just talking about adding "Escape from Witch Mountain" to our queue today! It's been a LONG time since I've watched that one!