Saturday, July 30, 2005

Supercuts does a fine job, thank you...

20% is like a normal tip, right? We tipped our waiter around 20% last night and he made a point to come over and thank us. Did he think it was a good tip because all his other customers are cheapskates and we looked good in comparison or have we been overtipping people for like ten years?

And are you supposed to tip your dog groomer? I don't. I figure I'm already paying the lady three times what I pay to get my own hair cut so why should I give her any extra. Is that why my dog sometimes comes back with little bald patches here and there?

I was doing a search on how much to tip and I came across this:
Arlington VA: Gross AND embarrassing question for the servers who read this: What is an appropriate bonus gratuity to leave when one's toddler has barfed at a restaurant. No, we didn't know he was ill, and yes, we cleaned up as best we could, but we know we lowered the tone and ruined someone's shift.
We feel terrible--can money buy forgiveness?

Eww. I may have had to sit next to a screamer once, but at least she didn't barf.

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