Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This one has no title...

This is the HP Purchasedge guy. Frequent visits to the HP Purchasedge site at work have caused me to develop quite the crush on him. I'm tempted to take a picture of myself and put it in the empty space to his left so it looks like we were just hanging out and someone snapped our picture. Except that would be taking the crazy of having a crush on a picture to a level of crazy that I don't want to go. Yet.

"So You Think You Can Dance" starts tonight. Yay! Spazzy people who think they're hot and Paula Abdul?! How could it not be good? From the website: Paula Abdul will be using "her unique skills of dance and motivation to teach large groups of real people how to find their groove thing and really shake it." I know that I would love to shake my groove thing if I could just find it. Oh, Paula...won't you use your unique skills to help me find my groove thing?

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