Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Maybe my insanity is the common thread...

Some random musings with no common thread:

I had a dream last night that I found the perfect office chair for work. Then I loaned it to a co-worker and when she went to give it back to me it had fleas. I took the dream to mean that generosity only leads to heartache. Or, in my case, fleas.

On the way to work this morning the car in front of me had a big circle on the back window that read "What Goes Around Comes Around". In the middle of the circle was the name of a man that died when he was 23. That's a weird memorial, right? What goes around comes around?

I think my dog has devised a Hitchcockian plot to make my mother think I'm crazy. On Saturday, when my mother was at work, Maggie was limping but I couldn't find anything wrong with her. When my mom came home I told her that something was wrong with Maggie's paw and that she's limping and lethargic. As soon as I said this, Maggie started playing with her toys and blanket. Not just half-heartedly playing but full-on puppy-like wallering around like she's the happiest dog in the world. Then, this morning, Maggie was just laying around like she was depressed and wouldn't even come out from under the table to get her breakfast. So I told my mom that Maggie seems depressed and won't even come for her breakfast. Sure enough, as soon as my mom came in the room Maggie runs out from under the table and starts eating. Just before I left for work I caught her staring at me from the darkened hallway. She was planning something. I just know it.

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