Thursday, July 07, 2005

Let's try this again...

So, I started a blog a little while ago and posted on it like three times and then just deleted the whole thing because I decided it wasn't very interesting. This blog will probably not be very interesting either but, as Lyle Lovett said, where would you be if you didn't even try. You have to try. So, some random ramblings about me:

My name is Catherine. Most people call me Cathy. Either is fine. Don't spell it with a "K" though because that's just wrong.

I live in Las Vegas. I moved here just to run away from somewhere else but it feels like home now. I live with my mother. We ran away from the other place together. We're best friends and we do everything together anyway and we'd probably need roommates if we lived separately so we figure living together is the best way to go.

I work in an office. Growing up I was going to travel the world for a living but now I work in an office. I guess I could be all bitter about that but, let's face it, traveling the world for a living wasn't a very well thought out career plan. Anyway, the office isn't so bad. I'm the boss of my little section and all my bosses pretty much leave me alone as long as we meet our deadlines. The work is fairly easy and the pay is pretty good.

I have a dog. Her name is Maggie Mae O'Molley. (She seemed Irish to me.)

I watch a lot of tv. I love Netflix. I haven't stopped listening to Jack fm since it took over our local easy listening station a while back. Therefore, this blog will probably have a lot of references to tv, Netflix and Jack fm in it.

That's it. I'm tired. Big Brother 6 is starting soon. Gotta go.

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