Sunday, July 10, 2005

A lot of people have blogs...

I was looking at a blog and she linked to another blog which linked to another blog which linked to blogexplosion which links to a thousand blogs which I'm sure would link to a thousand more. It's like the Heather Locklear shampoo commercial. After about an hour I was all blogged out.

I'm incredibly lazy today so I'll just do my weekend in words and phrases:

"Free To Be You And Me Retro feminist fun. Go Princess Atalanta! Cry Rosie Grier! Play with that doll, little boy!

"Best of Johnny Carson" So that's what all the fuss was about. Funny and charming and cool.

Sort bills. Don't shred. Pay bills. Have no money.

"Hamburger America" Crush on Billy Goat family. "Cheeseburger..cheeseburger. No pepsi...coke"

Ate hamburger because of "Hamburger America". Got very sick. May never eat hamburger again.

Nerds. Brachs caramels. Coke. Sugar slump.

Nice man on tv talking about the hurricane. I like him. Aacckk! It's Jeb Bush. I can't like Jeb Bush. Feel sick inside. Question judgement and politics and beliefs.

"Party Monster" with Culkin and Green. Irritating.

Chore avoidance. Dishes? Laundry? Dinner? I don't want to.

I think I'll watch "Purgatory" instead.

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