Saturday, July 23, 2005

That Tarantino CSI was reeeallly good...

Well, I got part of my list done today. There's still a massive amount of laundry overflowing the hamper in my bathroom and causing me to fear for my life if I need to go in the middle of the night, though. I fear that I will trip sometime and crack my head open on the toilet and then CSI will come investigate and see what an utter slob I am and somehow it will get in the press and everyone at work will know that I'm not the neat, efficient person that I've led them to believe. That CSI show has caused me a lot of paranoia, actually. I'm always afraid that something's going to happen to me and some Grissom-type is going to show up and make an obscure comical reference about the dishes in my sink or something that, if I were still living, I probably wouldn't understand.

That's it. Tomorrow I'm doing all my laundry.

I went out to dinner tonight and the lady at the table behind me totally didn't know how to use her indoor voice. The entire dinner she was just yelling everything. And they forgot her salad. THEY FORGOT HER SALAD. They didn't charge her so she claimed it was ok. IT WAS NO PROBLEM AT ALL. Except, even though it was no problem, she WOULDN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. Then, when the check came, she said that she was tipping FIVE DOLLARS. To which her dinner companion exclaimed, FIVE DOLLARS!?!? So I got to hear exactly how she came to the five dollar total. SHE TOOK THE TAX AND MULTIPLIED BY TWO WHICH IS FOUR BUT SHE GOT GOOD SERVICE you know except for how THEY DIDN'T BRING HER SALAD so SHE WAS GIVING FIVE DOLLARS even though SHE DIDN'T GET HER SALAD. So, HALF OF FIVE IS TWO FIFTY which is what her companion OWED HER FOR THE TIP. Then she TALKED for a while about some METAL GLASSES that she has that MAKE HER DRINKS TASTE FUNNY. And then she finally left. THANK GOD.


Shannon said...

Yanno, with her sitting behind you, she was in the perfect position to take an elbow to the back of the head. *whistling* However I don't condone violence. *wink*

I'm like you though fearful that CSI will show up to my house and find me in a most compromising position and they'll all be standing about asking "How in the hell did a fat chick get into that position?" let's hope it never happens! ;)

Have a great day!

Graham said...

Yeah I know, dining with people like that makes me so embarrased. I try and politely decline offers to eat or drink out with such people.