Friday, July 29, 2005

Don't they know I have blogs to update...

7/30 update: I've just read this post again. I feel that it is quite boring. I just wanted to say that in advance so, if you read the whole thing, you don't think that I think that it is really good stuff. I do not. You can skip it altogether if you'd like. The gist of it is: I bought a new modem, my cable company annoyed me, I like Clay Aiken and mmmm...ribs.

Clay Aiken's first concert of his new tour was last night. If you know anything about online Clay Aiken fans you'll know that's a big deal. So I really wanted to get online as soon as I got home from work. (Well, work and eating some ribs. It was rib night at the Village Pub and those ribs are good enough to miss the first couple of songs.)

When I got home and tried to get on the internet I had no connection.I kept messing with it and unplugging things and plugging them back in and checking connections but nothing worked. Finally I called the cable company and the weird little teenaged customer service kid mumbled something about how he thought the modem was going bad. Well, he finally mumbled that after he had mumbled a bunch of other stuff that didn't work. He said they'd send someone out next Tuesday. I said I was working on Tuesday so they said the earliest they could come out was August 6th.

Yeah. Like I'm going to be without the internet until August 6th.

So I just went and bought a new modem. Radio Shack didn't sell them. The girl that worked there suggested I call my cable company. I ended up at Fry's, which sells just about everything as far as I can tell, including cable modems. I got back at around 8:30 and hooked it up and the cable company came online and said I had to do some setup thing. So I tried and they kept giving me error messages.

Finally I got everything to work so I called the cable company to cancel the service appointment and they tried to convince me to keep it. Ummm...why? I have service now?

Of course, by the time all that was finished the concert was long over. Bummer.

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