Saturday, September 17, 2005

Who says you can't go home again?...

I downloaded Google Earth this morning. I'm afraid that I might get addicted to it. (I know. Me? Addicted to something? That's crazy talk.) I found the satellite image of the town I grew up in. I saw my elementary, junior high and high schools. (They seemed much smaller than I remembered.) I found my old house and the nursery that I worked at. (Smaller.) I followed the bike trail that I used to ride all the time. It was so fun. I love just typing random cities in the Fly To search and watching the earth back up and move at my whim. I control the planet! That's cool for a control freak.

Anyway, it's fun stuff. Download it. Play.

I just got finished watching "Fever Pitch". (15/250) It was very cute. I have a ridiculous crush on Jimmy Fallon.

I'm going to go Google Earth my San Diego vacation. Only 35 days! Yay!

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