Monday, September 05, 2005

I know better than to read this stuff...

I completely overloaded myself with Katrina message board talk last night. Did you know it's Bush's fault? No. It's Nagin's fault. It's Brown's fault. It's the governor's fault. It's the looters' fault. Aren't the looters awful? No. All the looters are victims. Even the ones that stole tvs. They stole tvs because they lost theirs in the flood and needed another one. All poor, black people are bad. That's racist. All poor, black people are good. Even the ones who rape and murder people. They can't help themselves because they're poor and black. Everyone who stayed behind were drug addicts on welfare. Racist! They were all the working class backbone of the city and had three jobs. It's the queers that are bad. Blame it on the queers and Mardi Gras. God flooded New Orleans just to get to them. Blame Condoleeza Rice. She bought shoes.

Uncle! I'm out. I can't read this stuff anymore. It's just so stupid.

I really want to know what Mike Myers was thinking when Kanye West went off script. Especially when he got everything back on track and Kanye blurted out "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Ha! Someone needs to interview Mike Myers right away. Why hasn't anyone interviewed Mike Myers?

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