Thursday, September 15, 2005

What would I do if there was no tv?...

I've been trying out the new shows. I really liked "Supernatural". It was spooky and fun. Plus, the guys are cute. What? That's important. Hopefully it won't get cancelled.

It's Survivor day! YAY! As long as the returning players aren't Jerri and Jonny Fairplay I'll be as happy as can be about 8 oclock tonight. (Click Jonny Fairplay's link. Really. He's so irritating.)

Napoleon and Pedro are doing the Utah State Fair ads.
Click Napoleon's Sweet Ads.

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Jessica said...

Ugh. Jonny Fairplay. I hate him. I haven't even thought about him since that season of Survivor ended. Who knew he was still out there famewhoring it up? I see from his website that he likes giving the finger a lot. He kind of looks like what I'd imagine the devil to look like if he took human form. Hehe.