Friday, September 09, 2005

This is a horribly depressing entry...

I just watched the HBO documentary Children of Beslan. It's some of the children who were held hostage when the terrorists took over the school in Russia last year telling the story of what happened before, during and after. It was fascinating and frightening and very, very sad. The things that happened in that school were so horrible that, if it were fiction, I would say the writer went too far. These children saw so many people die. They had people blow up in front of them. It's just unbelievable.

While they were being held, the hostages weren't allowed any water. (One terrorist tried to give them some and the leader blew her up.) Now the survivors leave bottles & cups of water at the memorial sites and graves for their loved ones. That's such a simple thing but it makes me want to cry. Some of the families of the children who survived go to school with their children now and watch over them all day. Their new school has armed guards. There's one boy who builds Lego schoolhouses with missles on them for protection.

I've got to stop with the documentaries. I'm going mental with the terrorists and the kids in the brothels and the old men accused of murder and the hippies blowing stuff up. Don't they make any documentaries about puppies and laughing babies?

So this entry isn't a complete downer:

A little Jedi squirrel in the making rescued from Katrina.

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