Monday, September 05, 2005

Aliens & Radicals & Eddie Albert, oh my....

I watched two new movies this weekend.

"The Weather Underground" (13/250) was a documentary about a group of white, young, mostly well-off, anti-Vietman War protestors who decided that to not combat violence with violence was violence. Yeah, I'm not sure they really understood it either. Anyway, they bombed a bunch of stuff in protest and hid out from the FBI for about ten years. (I found it sort of funny that they were fighting the capitalist American government from an expensive townhouse in NYC and a houseboat in Sausalito that I'm sure their capitalist pig parents paid for.) The movie was very interesting and quite boring at the same time. It did make me think about how the current state of America is certainly ripe for this type of group to emerge again. I'm surprised that they haven't already.

"Escape To Witch Mountain" (14/250) was very similar to "The Weather Underground" in that it was a Disney movie from 1975 about two alien children trying to escape Donald Pleasance and Ray Milland and get to their spaceship with the help of Eddie Albert, a black cat named Winkie, a Winebago and very, very bad special effects. Oh, wait. It wasn't at all like "The Weather Underground." It was fun, though.

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