Thursday, January 19, 2006


I just slammed my thumb in my desk drawer. It hurt so much that I thought I was going to throw up. About a month ago I slammed my index finger in my desk drawer. That one still hurts. I may have broken some teeny tiny bone or something. Maybe I need to pad my desk drawers.

I think I finally got rid of my spyware problem. Marti's Ad-Aware suggestion didn't fix the Vundo thing but it did find some other junk that had snuck through. VirtumundoBeGone is what finally seems to have done the trick. ( Here's a direct download if you ever have this problem.) I haven't had a problem in a couple of days at least, which is longer than I've gone for weeks without seeing those stupid popups and my computer freezing up. Stupid spyware.

I liked these guys! Reality show contestants sure seem to play fast and loose with the law a lot.

I'm off to Hash House a Go Go tonight for my mom's 60th birthday. All the servings there are supposed to be huge. I hope it's good because I'm hungry.

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