Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'll admit it...I'm not ashamed...

I really didn't like "March of the Penguins". I thought it was slow and boring and the leopard seal scared me and I just wanted them to have the babies and get on with it already.

I did, however, love the "Happy Feet" trailer at the beginning of the DVD. They have it here. Choose the very last one labeled "". The regular trailer is pretty cute, too.

Just when the holidays finally ended and I had enough time to get all caught up at work I got a horrible cold. I haven't felt like going to work all week, much less actually working double time to get things done. And, of course, I can't stay home because then I'd just get more behind. So I drag myself in and sit there trying not to cough and sneeze and blow my nose and be sickly too much. It's been a delight.

Just one more day and I can veg out in front of the tv and watch "Danielle Steel's Fine Things" that I dvr'd specifically for that purpose. I've seen it like six times. I have a little crush on D.W. Moffett. If Lifetime Movie Network would just play "Danielle Steel's Star" with Jennie Garth I could break out my video of "Danielle Steel's Message from Nam" and make a real day of it.

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