Monday, January 16, 2006

I do know how to spell my own name...

Why do my co-workers argue with me over details in my life? Why would they possibly think that they know my life better than me?

If I tell this person that so-and-so’s wife is awful, she always argues that she must not be or he wouldn’t be married to her. A) What does being married to her have to do with anything? Maybe he’s just an idiot. B) I know her. You don’t. So you don’t get to make a judgment.

I mentioned something to someone about my nephew and they said that I didn’t have a nephew. Wouldn’t I know if I have a nephew? To be fair, people have told me that I don’t have a brother so I guess I can see where they’d argue the nephew point.

I told this person what age my mom was when she became a grandmother and they actually used the calculator to try and prove me wrong.

One person asked me how to spell my last name and when I told her she told me that was wrong. She said that I had told her a different way before. Now, if I were her, I might have thought that I wrote it down wrong before but apparently her theory was just that I can’t spell my own name properly on a consistent basis.

These are different people, mind you. It’s like a whole office of people who think I have no knowledge of my own life.

It's annoying. That's all I'm trying to say.

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Jessica said...

Wow, that's obnoxious!