Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Agatha's going to take it all...

Guess what Sunday is. That’s right! The Puppy Bowl!!

I got so sucked into this last year. I was just flipping by and was all “what the heck?” and hours later I was still staring at the silly little puppies. All the players look strong this year. It should be a good game.

Oscar nominations were this morning. I love the Oscars. I can’t really offer any intelligent opinions about the nominations because I’ve only seen “Crash” and “Cinderella Man” so far. I find Best Supporting Actor nominee Jake Gyllenhaal quite attractive, though. I’m not saying that I think he should win because of that. I'm just saying.


Jessica said...

Yeah, Jake Gyllenhaal is cute. There is a guy at my office who looks almost identical to him.

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