Thursday, November 02, 2006

I love the movie 12 Angry Men....

I may or may not have jury duty next week. I’ll find out on Monday night at six if I have to go in the next day. I don’t really know how I feel about it. First I got pretty upset because my company doesn’t pay for jury duty and I only have five days of vacation time which is supposed to last until next August. I imagined this scenario where I was chosen for some three month sequestered mob trial and I’d have to file bankruptcy because I couldn’t pay my bills and I’d get evicted and end up living in one of those scary little motels behind the MGM Grand. Or that I was picked for a case and all the other jurors hated me and I had to spend all day locked in a room getting bullied by them until I cried. Or that the judge would ask me all these incredibly personal questions and I’d have to answer in front of everybody or he would find me in contempt of court and I’d have to go to jail. So then I started getting really angry about how unfair it was that I was being forced to give up my vacation time and getting yelled at and going to jail and maybe having to move into a scary little motel behind the MGM Grand when all I was doing was trying to fulfill my civic duty. I mean, really! How dare the government treat me this way!

Once I stopped making up horrible jury scenarios, though, I started to get a little excited about it. Or, if not excited, then at least interested. I’ve never been to the courthouse before so it might be kind of fun to see how everything looks and works. I used Google blog search to look up other people’s jury experiences and, other than a couple of clearly deranged people, everyone seemed to get through the process without anything too horrible happening to them.

Google blog search is pretty fun, by the way. I’m going to have to use it more often.

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