Sunday, July 16, 2006

I thought I was safe since I was First Class..

I went to the Titanic and Bodies exhibits at the Tropicana today. They were both a lot different than I was expecting. The Bodies one was more serious than I thought it would be and the Titanic one was a lot more fun.

The Bodies exhibit sort of seems like it's going to be a freak show or something when you read about it but it was fully educational. You pretty much see and learn how everything in the body works. There's an audio tour which I wasn't all that into until I discovered that I could listen to the kid's version. That was much more fun. There were skeletons and cross sections of organs and your entire digestive system all layed out. I got to hold a brain and a heart. I saw a diseased liver and some black smoker's lungs. There was a box next to that display to throw your cigarettes into after they'd scared you. There were quite a few packs in there, too. There is also a section on the stages of fetal growth that's pretty incredible. Without getting too political, it really messed with my right to choose views. They give you the option to skip that room if you want.

When you walk into the Titanic exhibit they give you a boarding pass with a name of a passenger that was on the ship and at the end you get to see whether you lived. I was George Widener, a first class passenger traveling with my wife, son and a male and female servant. The women lived but my son, servant and I all died. Darned women and children first rule. The exhibit had a lot of great artifacts. Stuff you'd think for sure would have been destroyed. There was a replica of the grand staircase (which totally made me think of Leonardo DiCaprio) and a super-cool replica of the Promenade deck that made you feel like you were there. (And...okay...totally made me think of Leonardo DiCaprio.) The audio tour was great. I really got a sense of what it was like to be on the ship.

They're a little spendy (it cost me $45 to see both of them with the audio tours) but I'd recommend seeing them both. If you can just see one, I'd go with the Titanic. I just thought it was more fun.

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Marti said...

That sounds neat! I've always been fascinated by exhibits like that - hope I can see the Titanic one sometime. Being given the name of a real passenger - that sounds interesting but a little frightening! LOL

Glad you got to see both of them and share your stories! Thanks!