Tuesday, July 25, 2006

He's not really 16 so it's not really creepy...

The ceiling fell in my mom's bathroom. My mom's tub is filled with the ceiling. She called the office but got the answering service. She told them that there was a big hole above the tub. They took her name and phone number and said that the maintenance people would call and then they never did. Wouldn't the ceiling falling in at least warrant a call? I bet they never even get the message. The answering service girl probably used the back of the message to write down the phone number of the hot guy who changes the light bulbs in her office. Oh well...hopefully the rest of the ceiling won't cave before we can actually get someone to come look at it.

On a completely different note, I'm really liking the show Kyle XY. Not just because Matt Dallas is incredibly good looking, either. Although that certainly adds to the enjoyment. Geez. Just look at him over there. So dreamy.

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Marti said...

OMG! YES! I LOVE this show! (which is probably the kiss of death - every time I fall hard for a new show it gets cancelled - LOL)

I hope it survives. Do you think he is alien or a lab-created hybrid of some sort?