Saturday, December 03, 2005

It's like the Paolos moved in...

Wow, the people who live upstairs from me are really screaming today. They were going at it this morning but then they left for the day. They just came back and they started up again right away. They scream all the time but this time seems especially bad.

It's weird because they're pretty nice when you see them at the cars or coming in or something. They do sort of keep their kids under lock and key though. There are always kids running around outside but I never see theirs. Sometimes the little girl takes the trash across the street to the dumpster and the mom stands on the patio and watches the whole time and yells at her to hurry up and get back. It's kind of bizarre really. I mean, I think parents should watch after their kids way more than they do nowadays but it is strange not to let them out to play at all. It's a pretty safe gated community. It's not like I live in the ghetto or anything.

I hope the parents are screaming at each other and not the kids. Not that screaming at each other in front of the kids is ideal but it's a little bit better.

Oh well, I guess it's none of my business really. I'm sure if I did a survey of the neighbors they'd have a lot of weird stories about me, too.

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