Saturday, December 10, 2005

Merrier Christmas to me...

My holiday spirit is on the rise again.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra was awesome. It did have a craaazzzy light show that blinded me, gave me a headache and made me sort of dizzy, though. It was cool to look at. I forget between concerts how impressive the singers are in that show. I just love it. It makes me so happy. It makes me so happy that I won't mention how annoying it is when a show starts half an hour late because half the crowd is milling around the lobby and then after the show has started people still come filing in for another half an hour disrupting everyone else's experience.

Yesterday we unexpectedly got our way-bigger-than-last-year Christmas bonuses at work. That's cool because I could really use it to buy some presents this weekend. And pay off some presents that I've already bought.

I brought home a giant stack of work to do today so I can maybe get a little caught up. Tomorrow is all about Christmas on the Strip, though. Yay! The Bellagio Conservatory of Flowers has their holiday display up so I'm going to that. Then it's just shopping, shopping, shopping at all the Strip malls. There's like five so that should keep me busy for the day.

This is funny. And not that far-fetched.

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