Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas cactus and traffic jams...

I went to the Ethel M's Chocolate factory cactus garden tonight. It's pretty cool all year long but they have it lit up with Christmas lights during the holidays. I took a bunch of pictures but they mostly turned out like this:

Here's a few I took that are a bit steadier. It'll give an idea of what it's like at least.

Then we drove through the "Gift of Lights" in Sunset Park. I've never actually done that on Christmas Eve before. There are a lot of people there on Christmas Eve. Like hour-long traffic jam proportions. It was fun though. I was going to take pictures of that but my batteries died. They probably would have all looked like that acid-trip-Christmas picture up above anyway.

Merry Christmas!! Happy Hanukkah!! Merry Chrismukah!!

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Marti said...

Making a list to thank everyone who commented on my blog in 2005 - you did - thank you! List to post later today. Best wishes for 2006!
(Come by - I miss you!)