Wednesday, November 02, 2005

San Diego, Day Two

Day Two we took a short drive to Escondido to go to the Wild Animal Park. On the way we passed an ostrich farm. As I pondered what they do with the ostriches we passed an ostrich jerky stand. Best not to dwell too deeply on that.

The Wild Animal Park is really incredibly cool if you’re into animals at all. Most of the animals are roaming “free” on acres of land. There is a train ride that you take around the perimeter for about 45 minutes and they point out all the different animals and what they’re up to. Sometimes they’re really active and sometimes they’re hiding off somewhere snoozing. On my particular train ride the tiger was in hiding but I did get to see some goats that jumped up into a tree to eat. They can’t climb so they just jump up there. It was really cute. Of course, I didn’t get a picture of it.

The regular part of the park is pretty amazing also. There’s a couple of walking trails that you can go on that lead you past a bunch of different animals.

Except for a few birds there aren’t any cages. The animals are just behind low fences and, in some cases, will come right up to the fence so you’re really close.

Some of the ducks and other birds are just wandering around freely. We also saw a couple of deer roaming around but they weren’t actually part of the park. Apparently they just like it there.

Then, when you’re way too exhausted from walking up and down and up hill after hill you can head over to the botanical gardens and rest beside a lovely stream.

I swear, if this place was in my town I’d be going every weekend.

Before we went back to our hotel that night we went to the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge because some lobby magazine said it was a cool place to go. We got about halfway across it and then freaked out because it bounced up and down a lot and it was over a canyon and it was built in 1912 long are those wires supposed to last?

The suspension bridge wasn't as scary as what I did on Day 3, though.

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