Thursday, November 03, 2005

San Diego, Day Three

Zoo day. My mom and I didn't really want to go to the zoo at all. We don't really like to see animals in cages. Everyone kept telling us how great the San Diego Zoo was though so we figured we should go.

First we took the bus tour around the park. It was about 40 minutes and showed around 75% of the park. It was a double decker and I got to sit on the top so that was neat. It is a nice zoo but there were still several exhibits that made me feel pretty bad for the animals. I know it's stupid to feel bad for animals at the San Diego Zoo. I mean, if any zoo is getting regularly checked out it would be that one.

I did like the orangutan area. They seemed to be having a great time. And they were so loving and fun with one another.

I probably would have been happy watching them all day but I wanted to see some of the other animals.

We got a little tired of the Zoo after a few hours. We were way in the back and didn't want to walk all the way back to the front so we took the SkyFari Tram. (I stole this picture off their website.)

It terrified me. It was very high up and it did not look very safe. I know that it was safe but it didn't seem safe. Anyway, I was freaked for the whole ride. Which, thankfully, was only like five minutes long.

After I got off the flying death cart, we headed over to the Balboa Park museum area. The buildings were built in 1915 for a fair and now they house a variety of museums. There are also several gardens, including a Japanese Tea Garden which was lovely.

That night we headed downtown for the hilarious play "Triple Espresso". It was great except our seats were front row center and the play had forced audience participation and I had a mild panic attack thinking they were going to pull me up on stage or make me sing in front of strangers or something.

Gee, my San Diego recap is exposing a lot of my hidden fears. The whole height one comes up again on Day 4.

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Jessica said...

There was a skytram JUST like that on Toronto Island that my mother made me go on this summer. The entire time, I was convinced it was going to fall off the wires and send me crashing to my death.