Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas ...

I had the bestest day yesterday. I found out that not only was the Adam Carolla Show coming back in January but Danny Bonaduce is out. This is very exciting news for me. The office closed at noon for a four day weekend. I went Goodwill shopping with my mom's gift certicates she receives for making sales goals. That means we just walk around the store throwing stuff in the cart and it's all totally free. Awesome. And she's been making her sales goals a lot so we can get a lot of free stuff. More awesome. Somebody donated their VHS collection of Degrassi High episodes and I bought them all. I'm talking classic Degrassi not this new The N "it goes there" Degrassi. Whoohoo! I also got a couple of dancing turtle toys that boogie to Funkytown and Let It Whip. Don't judge. They're cool. And some "I heart Jim" The Office notepads. Awww....I do heart Jim. After Goodwill pillaging we ate dinner at the Roadrunner. Mac and Cheese and Dr Pepper Steak Tacos. Delish. And then we checked out Bellagio's Christmas display which was better than ever. Polar bears are out; penguins are in. Such a fun afternoon and way better than sitting at my desk counting the minutes until the holiday weekend.

Christmas weekend plans? Sweeney Todd and National Treasure 2 at the new Rave theater they built down the street. And my mom and me decided to shaft her employees and steal the ham she was taking for the potluck today for our Christmas dinner. Scroogy? Perhaps. They're getting KFC instead though. It's not like they're going to starve. And she also took them multiple bags of presents so they'll have a good day even if it is hamless.

Pictures from the Bellagio. The reindeer are covered entirely in pecans. I know! All the tourists thought it was really cool too!!

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