Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's expensive but it really sucks...

I think I'm going to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner tonight. I can't really afford one but my old vacuum went kerplooie last night and I have to get a new one. I figure I should just get a good one this time and hopefully it will last a long time. Hopefully. If not, I'm going to feel like a big dupe for paying $400 for a vacuum cleaner.

I've been getting pretty stressed out with vacation prep. I couldn't find the right clothes to take. I couldn't figure out how much money I needed. I couldn't get my dog reserved at the kennel because her vaccinations are up on 10/29 and we won't be home until 10/30. So one measly day cost me $160 for a vet visit where she of course had infections that needed $40 medicines to fix. We went to get the car checked out and the dealership said that we needed $600 in "maintenance". $600! To clean out some hoses!? On a car that runs perfectly fine. I don't think so. We gave them 30 bucks for the lube and left. Now I've got to do three weeks of work in two weeks because all of my work deadlines fall in the week that I won't be there.

Other than that stuff, I haven't really done anything since my last entry. I've just been watching tv. Waaaaay too much tv. I watched so much tv that I said enough and dumped like half the shows that I was watching even though I liked them. Maybe I'll catch them in summer reruns.

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Jessica said...

Oh, I'd love someday to own such a nice vacuum cleaner. I finally bit the bullet two years ago (when I moved to an apartment with carpet) and spent $200 on a vacuum cleaner from Sears. Even that was a step-up from the $60 Walmart one I'd had since college (which wouldn't even suck stuff up off a hardwood floor).