Friday, July 11, 2008

Qu'est-ce que c'est?...

As I mentioned before, I'm trying to lose weight. I haven't told anyone at work though because I don't want a bunch of discussion about everything I put in my mouth. About thirty minutes ago someone called up and said that fancy cupcakes were delivered downstairs. I didn't go down to get one. Then that person called again to ask why I didn't come down to get a cupcake. Then someone emailed me about how great the cupcakes were and why wasn't I coming down for one. And then someone came by my desk and asked why I didn't want a cupcake because they were so delicious. It's diet torture and I can't even get mad at them because they don't know I'm on a diet.


Update: The person that came by my desk earlier to tell me how great the cupcakes were just brought the box with the last two cupcakes to my desk, put it right in front of me and said if I didn't want one they were throwing them away. I said no. They looked pretty good, too. Because of my awesome willpower two cupcakes are in the garbage. I'm a cupcake killer.

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