Thursday, July 03, 2008

I just want my butt to fit in every theater seat...

So I started a diet of sorts this week. Nothing too terribly strict. More veggies & fish and no frozen, fast & junk food. I’m really committed to getting down to my goal weight this time. (Which I’ll just say is a looong way from my weight now and leave it at that.) So what should happen today? The receptionist calls to tell me that a vendor has brought over four heaping baskets full of snack cakes and donuts and all manner of dietbusting whatnot for the office to try. Oh well, it’s a good test of willpower I suppose. Lunchtime should be fun with everybody snacking away around me.

Completely by coincidence, I happened upon the Fat Acceptance movement on the internet. So I’ve spent the past couple of days reading about how all diets fail and if I do lose weight I certainly shouldn’t be congratulated for it because it’s the same as congratulating someone for staying with an abusive husband or trying to “de-gay” themselves. Or something? And I’m just going to gain it all back anyway. And I’m bowing down to the fatists. One blog tells you not to even bother registering if you’re on a diet or are thinking about losing weight on purpose ever. There were some interesting/entertaining blogs out there, though, with some good discussions in the comments. Including the one that doesn’t want me to register. My favorite is called Eat a Cheeseburger. And they talk about eating cheeseburgers a lot. And show pictures of cheeseburgers. Mmmm…cheese and meat and bread all hot and melty and delicious.

Anyway…I’m thinking if my diet can survive staring at free cupcakes the whole lunch hour and two days of reading fat acceptance blogs and people talking about cheeseburgers then I might be in decent shape to succeed

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