Saturday, January 05, 2008

They have MySpace in the front office?...

When I got home from work last night there was a notice on my door that I hadn't paid my rent. At first I was all "Those idiots lost my rent check!" and then I was all "Crap...I didn't pay my rent!" So I go up to the office first thing this morning to give them my rent + an $80 late fee and I have to wait out front for about five minutes with some twentysomething guy on his phone. This was his conversation. It was extremely loud and I'm censoring the swearing but this was the gist of it:

The office is f'n closed. Yeah. It's f'n closed. It won't f'n open for another f'n five minutes and I f'n want to check MySpace. Oh f Autumn. She's not f'n sick. She's f'n not. She f'n lost her job and she's not f'n sick and now we're f'd because we don't f'n have insurance and she's not even f'n sick. Screw Autumn. Well, don't screw her. She's not sick, though. She has like a cold. I live with her I know she's not f'n sick enough to f'n lose her job. I mean, I know she's pregnant but she's not f'n sick and now we don't have insurance. Do you know how f'n much it costs to f'n have a baby? They don't have universal health care. You don't f'n know what you're talking about Mom! They don't have Cobra. We're totally f'n screwed. She can't get another job. No one is going to f'n hire a 7 month pregnant woman. Now we have to get married and she has to assume all of my debt and then we'll f'n have insurance. I'm $67,000 in debt! So f Autumn.

Around this time the office person opened the door to tell him she could hear him all the way in the back so he hung up. On his Mom. Who he had just said the f word to about hundred times while berating the 7 month pregnant mother of his child. What a charmer. And what a lucky baby!

Regarding my rent problem. I am a mental case. I've been trying to figure out a good New Year's Resolution and I think it should be to quit being a mental case. I totally flipped out about forgetting the rent. I've never done it before. I got nervous about paying it and I couldn't sleep all night wondering what they would say to me in the office and when I got up there my hands were actually shaking I was so nervous and they just said it happens and thanked me for being nice about paying the late fees. So I spent all night freaking for nothing. So I resolve to not be a mental case in 2008. And to pay the rent on time.

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