Friday, November 09, 2007

Two unrelated things...

I just spent half my lunch hour listening to co-workers feel sorry for OJ Simpson. Poor OJ can’t get a hotel room. Poor OJ is being tried for something that other people wouldn’t be. Well, yeah…you reap what you sow. He murdered two people and then made jokes and wrote a book about it. Then he broke into a hotel room with a gun and tried to steal stuff. Was it a setup? Probably. He still did it. He wasn’t forced. He’s a criminal. Why shouldn’t he be punished? Then it actually devolved into a discussion of how he didn’t even commit the murders. He hired someone else to do it. What? Where did that come from? God…I hate OJ. I almost wish he wouldn’t go on trial for the robbery because I don’t want to hear about him for months on end.

I was sort of hoping that the writers’ strike would go on for a really long time just to see what would happen if Hollywood shut down. Then last night I was watching Life and I realized if the strike does go on for a really long time I’ll probably never find out who set Crews up. That would really bug me. Although, NBC will probably just cancel the show and leave me hanging either way so I guess it doesn’t matter.

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Marti said...

I haven't left any comments lately, sorry. Been working, never have any time anymore. I am so grateful for the wonderful people I've met on the Internet and wanted to wish you a great Thanksgiving!