Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The one with a lot of complaining...

I have been full on bummed for like three days. I'm just sick of pretty much everything and everyone right now. I hate politics. I hate listening to other people's opinions about politics. I hate hate hate listening to stupid people's opinions about politics. I'm terrified that McCain is going to win in November. If he does I might pull a Baldwin and move to Australia or something. Although Baldwin just stayed here and revived his career with an Emmy-winning sitcom but you get my drift. I am bored. With work and tv and reading and food and everything. I tried to eat my way to happiness with some Panda Express but it took forever to get it and then the cook had poured like a whole container of salt in the fried rice which got mixed in with the chow mein making it all inedible. It was awful. I've been reading some new blogs lately and I can't stand the bloggers. Bunch of privileged brats talking about how hard it is to leave academia. Boo hoo. You're pushing thirty. Get a job. Arrggghhh....I'm in a really bad mood.

I feel I should say something pleasant. I washed my dog with fancy vanilla bath wash and she's never smelled better. I got a raise last Friday. That was nice. I've found a new old radio show called "The Halls of Ivy" starring Ronald Colman. It's awesome.

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